Hi,  I’m Marie. I just moved to Las Vegas. I heard it was a cool place to live at. So I decided to come and find out for myself! My friends said, “here, you could have fun and make money at the same time”. So I asked: How can I do that? Simple, they said: “Become an entertainer! We’ll teach you”…The best thing that ever happened to me! Now I’m independent, work when I want to,  buy what I want,  meet real interesting people… but I wont let that spoil me. I can also do some good, I’m a good listener and love to make people feel good. I could even meet the man of my dreams, you never know!  So call me and let’s get together, have fun… “its Vegas, baby!”


Call us at 702-456-3616 or 424-324-1886 or email to request Marie